Monday, October 10, 2011

Solid Steel - Oct. 07

Solid Steel in association with Serato (7th October).

This week it's another treat for your eyes as well as your ears, as the 1st hour is available in 3 different formats. You can listen to the Audio mix through Soundcloud as normal or you can watch the AV mix on this page through Vimeo, plus you can also download the Video Podcast from the Solid Steel page in iTunes.

'This is a Journey into Beats 'n' Frames' famously riffs off of two classic Coldcut trademarks and checks the render setting to 'highest'. St. Petersburg's Mr Armtone becomes only the second person to have a guest AV mix on Solid Steel, supplying a packed hour with his trademark tight mixes and equally syncopated imagery . Each video has undergone his own edits, remixes and tweaks and the quality is top notch throughout. It features music and visuals from the Ninja Tune stable with Daedelus, Hexstatic, Diplo, DJ Kentaro and Coldcut all making an appearance, plus more from Tipper, Ian Brown and the Pixies remixed by Bassnectar.

Solid Steel Radio Show 07/10/2011 Part 1 + 2 - Mr Armtone by Ninja Tune

In hour 2 it's time to welcome back Solid Steel resident, DJ Moneyshot, who steps through this time with his 'Shiny Blend Mixtape'. Over one ear-boggling hour the wily selector takes you on a trip through classic hip-hop, rock, beats, funk and even thrash metal. An acapella from O.C. rides over a Mohawks instrumental, Krautrock outfit Can, provide backing for R'n'B workouts courtesy of Debelah Morgan and Slayer bring the ruckus. All that, and time left over for the Lords of the Underground to get Psycho, Faithless to Drift Away, and Mr Scruff to show you his Giant Pickle.
As you'd expect, classic material from yer man Roy 'Moneyshot' Spencer. Go find him on Facebook for gig dates and random acts of kindness.

Solid Steel Radio Show 07/10/2011 Part 3 + 4 - DJ Moneyshot by Ninja Tune

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