Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Kidkanevil - Kankick Tribute Mix

link via: Pipomixes.

DJ David.

caught this over at everydaybeats.net -- thought it was worth sharing!

ebay today...

been listing and re-listing stuff like crazy... feel free to grab up some good deals...

SUPERBOY #1-4, 6 -- (five issues) VF/NM

BLACK ADAM #1-6 complete mini-series (2007) - all VF/NM

MIDNIGHTER #1-5,9-12 -- VF/NM run/set - Garth Ennis, Chris Sprouse

CRIMINAL #1-2 -- VF/NM run/set - Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips

ADAM STRANGE #1-8 complete mini-series (2004) - all VF/NM

BLUE BRAZIL #1, 2, and 3 BLUE BOSSA vol.'s #1, 2 - Blue Note Compilations

10 volumes of COMPACT JAZZ compilations -- Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong, Ella Ft

nice set of 5 BLUE NOTE Compilations! (jazz chillout, relax 01, motown, revisit)

nice set of 8 BLUE NOTE Compilations! (capitol rare, blue pacific funk, new blu)

DOC SAVAGE James Bama "World's Fair Goblin" Framed Art Print!

framed image of MILES DAVIS. Jazz, Photography, Black and White.

nice set of 9 BLUE NOTE Compilations! (funk,soul, 70's, groovy, latino, afro.)