Thursday, December 11, 2008

the roofers vs. records mix series

the roofers vs. records mix series (RVR)... what is it?

while I usually put together mixes with a lot of funk and soul tracks - that is NOT what these are. these are mixes that I put together for the kids I work with... so they tend to be a bit more "mainstream" in nature. the series started back in 2004 (so about six mixes in four years).

I put these mixes together in with "my crew" as the listening audience... classic rock, hip hop, mash-ups, punk rock and a lot of other nonsense. tons of audio samples from tv shows and movies we watch -- with a HEAVY dose of profanity. as fellow dj and friend, Mr. Greencheese once stated, "these are not kid safe!"...

I've got a new RVR mix coming out next month (Cocaine Barbecue), the 6th in the series - so I thought I'd give everyone a nice little post that links back to all the previous efforts. In reverse order - because I think the later ones are better than the earlier ones...

RVR vol.5 - Caveman on Campus

RVR vol.4 - The Van Bowlski Brothers

RVR vol.3 - Balls Deep

RVR vol.2 - Accidents Will Happen

RVR vol.1 - Ass2Ass

so there they are -- proceed at your own risk! I'll update this post when vol.6 Cocaine Barbecue is available! until then... enjoy!


mega what?!
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sosolid said...

yo, Megatrip- i've been reading yer blog for awhile now and have never commented. just wanna say thanks, i enjoy all this funny business.


King Megatrip said...

hey man -- thanks for the shout... glad you're digging it!

rock on.


Johney smith said...

I really enjoyed your funny blog!
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