Friday, October 28, 2011

DJ Food - Magpies, Maps and Moons AND The Search Engine.

so these arrived last week from Strictly Kev aka DJ Food. the 3rd ep in the Stolen Moments series, "Magpies, Maps and Moons" -- best of the three, in my opinion. you'll be hearing the "Discovery Workshop" track on a new Megatrip mix soon(ish), no doubt. pre-order your own ep here!

also, in the care package was a promo copy of the full-length, forthcoming album "The Search Engine", which will be comprised of 10 of the 15 tracks that were on the 3 eps "in various versions and guises". haven't thrown it in the cd player yet -- been waiting to have some alone time on this over the weekend!

... but honestly, this may have made my whole day AND it's not even 6AM yet! --- check out the fine print!

thanks kev!

mega what?!
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