Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Honeydripper - Let's Get Serious Guest Set

The Honeydripper - Let's Get Serious Guest Set

The Lost Generation “Your Mission (If You Decide To Accept It) Part 1″ (Innovation)
Arnold Blair “Trying To Get Next To You” (Gemigo)
Jean Plum “Here I Go Again” (Hi)
Pat Livingston “You Bet You Would” (Money)
Jay Poole “I Love You” (Ne-Bo)
Dee Edwards “(I Can) Deal With That” (De To)
The Four Tops “I Can’t Go On Much Longer” (ABC)
Zulema “Wanna Be Where You Are” (RCA)
Skull Snaps “Didn’t I Do It To You” (GSF)
Ray Frazier & The Shades Madness “Your Eyes” (Carriage)
Freda Payne “We’ve Gotta Find A Way Back To Love” (Invictus)
Creative Source “Pass The Feelin’ On” (Polydor)
Al Perkins “Yes, My Goodness Yes” (Buddah)
The Futures “Stay With Me” (Gamble)
Marva Whitney “Giving Up On Love” (T Neck)
Gloria Scott “What Am I Gonna Do” (Casablanca)
The Rhythm Makers “Soul On Your Side” (Vigor)
Leon Thomas “Just In Time To See The Sun” (Flying Dutchman)
The Temprees “My Baby Love” (We Produce)
Brief Encounter “What About Love” (Capitol)
Ace Spectrum “Don’t Send Nobody Else” (Atlantic)
Gloria Ann Taylor “Deep Inside You” (Columbia)
L.V. Johnson “I Don’t Really Care” (ICA)
Aged In Harmony “Trust Me” (Mor-Tones)

Part 2: Tackleberry & Mike McGill

Charles Johnson “Good Good Lovin’” (Dash)
Bill Spoon “Love Is On The Way” (Hense Forth Music Co.)
Al Henderson “I’ve Got My Second Wind” (Marina)
The Tams “The Precious Moment” (Sounds South)
Ronnie Love “Nothing To It” (Almeria Records Inc)
Jackey Beaver “Trying To Get Back To You (Pt 2)” (Dade)
Platinum Hook “Gotta Find A Woman” (Motown)
Rimshots “Super Disco” (Stang Records)
Magnetism “Break Out” (Numero)
Michael Henderson “Goin’ Places” (Buddah)
Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose “Let Me Down Easy” (United Artists)
Cathy Davis “Come Back Home” (Twelve O’Clock)

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