Monday, June 13, 2011

Negative Pleasure arrives at the Cocaine BBQ!

ok, so all the cool kids are wearing them!

that's Harris showing off the King Megatrip Cocaine BBQ t-shirt I sent over a while back. Harris is one good dude that (amongst many other things) runs the Negative Pleasure 2 tumblr site. I grab a bunch of my "random" pics and photos from his place... sometimes funny, often times NSFW - always entertaining.

been meaning to post about Negative Pleasure for a while -- but you can check out The Olympian homemade comic over there that we just found digging around in some guy's house -- cool stuff!

btw... if you want to be as cool as Harris, you can get your own King Megatrip t-shirts via my ebay store below:

King Megatrip, Cocaine BBQ t-shirt at ebay!

King Megatrip, Soul Society t-shirt also at ebay!


mega what?!
purchase a King Megatrip "Soul Society" t-shirt!

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