Thursday, June 23, 2011

DJ Food on Green Man Radio

DJ Food on Green Man Radio

The Temptations - Ball Of Confusion
Jimmy Green - The Robot
Charmaine Neville - Iko Iko
Pablo - Cissy Strut
Isley Brothers - Its Your Thing
Dennis Coffy - Its Your Thing
The Coasters - Shoppin' For Clothes
The Real Thing - International Love Song
Dj Food - Turtle Soup
Nightmares On Wax - Night Interlude
Dj Shadow - Roy's Theme
Black Grass - Set It Straight Ft: Jay Live
Afro Classics - Boom In It
Danny Breaks - Ducks Rock
Dr. Dre - Next Episode
Natural Self Ft;Andrea Triana - The Rising(Broken Keys Remix)
Coldcut - Paid In Full
Eric B. And Rakim - Paid In Full

** mentioned to kev that I was listening to this the other day and he had a few words about the gig: "Ha, that was last summer, pissing down with rain outside, cramped in a tiny caravan with some decks about 1 meter apart from the mixer. I had a slot planned but got on site really late and they were hassling me to do it badly before my main set.
Afterwards I had to get a landrover to run me through mud up to the stage where DK was waiting and pretty much jumped on stage and started playing straight away."


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