Tuesday, April 4, 2017

King Megatrip -- Flexx Mentallo, Hero of the Beach

King Megatrip - Flexx Mentallo, Hero of the Beach
November 2000

01 Beastie Boys * Sabrosa
02 Gary Wright * Love Is Alive
03 3rd Bass * Wordz Of Wizdom
04 DJ Boom * Feel Good Tonight
05 Blackalicious * Alphabet Aerobics
06 Alex Gopher * The Child (Search's Under The Moon Mix)
07 Pepe Deluxe * Woman In Blue
08 Dinah Washington/Brooks Benton * Baby (You've Got What It Takes)
09 Deltron 3030 * Mastermind
10 Public Enemy * World Tour Sessions
11 The Pharcyde * Trust (J. Swift Remix)
12 Black Eyed Peas * BEP Empire
13 Deltron 3030 * Positive Contact
14 Rae & Christian feat. The Pharcyde * It Ain't Nothin' Like (Nextmen Remix)
15 Wu-Tang Clan * Gravel Pit
NOTES: This mix was made using my first DJ secret identity, "Flexx Mentallo, Hero of the Beach". I stole the name from a Doom Patrol comic book character, Flex Mentallo.
The first half of this mix aired on Solid Steel January 01, 2001.
Coldcut & crew must have thought my DJ name was too long, because they credited the mix to just "Flexx" ... I changed the dj moniker shortly there after to Agent MK.

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