Monday, March 4, 2013

Solid Steel (1st March).

Solid Steel (1st March).

Strictly Kev breaks into the 4/4 electronics box and retrieves modular experiments, deep house grooves, classic electro and a touch of acid. Ninja & Big Dada artists Falty DL and Dobie make their mark, oldies from Air, Eon and Hashim feature and a fantastic new track from Food collaborator Natural Self features near the end.

Hour 2 opens with The Light Surgeons, a collective of pioneering multimedia artists and old friends of Ninja Tune who supplied the visuals for many club nights dating back to the Stealth days. Here they unveil there latest project, 'SuperEverything*' - a live cinema performance exploring identity, created in collaboration with a group of Malaysian artists. All the music is unreleased and interwoven with the show narratives, you can catch the them on tour with members of the Heritage Orchestra this Mar - Apr, details at

Jack Dangers takes the 25th Anniversary slot this week with a collection of rare, custom pressings of electronic music by high school students between 1962 to1983. He's the main man behind Meat Beat Manifesto, whose career has run parallel to Solid Steel, with a similar sampling ethos and love of multiple styles of music.

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