Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Solid Steel (15th February).

Solid Steel (15th February).

Coldcut in the hot seat this week with a top draw Reggae selection from Dennis Brown, Earl Sixteen, The Arabs and Ossie All Stars. We stay in Jamaica, but take a funk turn with Mark Holder, before heading to New Orleans for music from the legendary Allen Toussaint, Roy head from 1965 and the collaboration of Don Cherry and Latif Khan to close.

We welcome Chris Carter from Throbbing Gristle in our 25th Anniversary slot, an influential group for Jon More from Coldcut and in his own words;

"Its 1977 I was 20 & at art college in High Wycombe, 1976 had been a good year...the Sex Pistols had gate crashed our end of year party & The Clash played at the Student Union bar...The Nags Head Pub had given me an education in all things punk, then Throbbing Gristle played and everything changed. See the review from the local paper on the Solid Steel Facebook page
I could not understand why everyone got so upset...After this initiation i started going up to London to buy records from Rough Trade...I had to wait until November & then as I walked into the shop - the last moments of Second Annual Report were playing...I think it was Maggot Death-recorded live in Brighton... pretty much a recording of the local dj insulting the band after they have left the stage... I bought the album, wrote about them for Stabmental Fanzine, put on a gig on at Goldsmiths College... went to about 12 of TG's gigs all over the country.. bought all the records... still have the flyers... a fan.
Throbbing Gristle was such an influence from the Industrial Records hyper branding to the sonic assault of their live shows... Still the deepest bass I have ever felt was at a TG's gig at Centro Iberico in London....

So we at Solid Steel are proud to have a mix from Chris Carter founder member of Throbbing Gristle and member of Chris & Cosi undoubtedly a major influence on todays electronic music...

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