Wednesday, November 7, 2012

DJHDD vs CMP - The Further Hallucinations of LSD

A themed mix sounding like the bastard offspring of the KLF & the Orb; ambient & sound representations of what it might be like tripping. Aired on Ninja Tunes Solid Steel 2008.

(Alberts bike ride)
Sample: pushbike\train sound effect
Pink Floyd (Piano from Animals) (..grooving with a Pict) (Peddle steel guitar from Dark Side Moon)
Pelican Daughters - The Bicycle Ride (CMP edit)
Genesis P-Orridge - talking about ambient sound representations
Genesis P-Orridge & Mr Leary - Thee spirirt of thee molecule
Voidware -Take LSD
Hawkwind - Space dust
Tangarine Dream - Pheadra
Ken Kesey\Terence McKenna
Irresistible Force - Wave form

(The Paranoid Bad Trip)
The Weird World of LSD,(1967)
Sample:Dewey Cox Story (Walk Hard)
Danny Ben Israel - Bad Trip
Love - Seven and Seven is
Todd Rundgren - Dogfight Giggle
Sounds of Haunted House
Drum and Bass Beats - CMP
Voiceovers from LSD and Mind Control Documentary
Todd Rundgren - International Feel
More Beats - CMP
Todd Rundgren - Flamingo
John Luther Adams - Shimmer
Ken Nordine - WordJazz (from podcast)
Rhys Chatham - Two Gongs
John Luther Adams - Velocities crossing in space
Cheech & Chong - Acid scene

(Hallucination Generation)
Hippie Revolt (1967)
Meat Beat Manifesto
Iron Butterfly - In A Gadda Da Vida
Ken Kesey (The Room)
Unkown 60's band - Acid
Woodstock Brown Acid
Godley & Creme - Consequences
Moody Blues - Legend Of A Mind
Dr Timothy Leary (Death)

(No Fear in the classroom)
No fear - Celebrity Murder Party
voiceovers LSD Educational video
Pink Floyd (steel peddle guitar)
Chris Coco - Memory of a free party

(Monogramatic World)
LSD Girl
Various people talking about the colours of LSD
Hot Chip - Colours

(The troops of the White Rabbit)
Ian Hunt - Troops on LSD
Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit (Jonathan Peters Mix)
Alice in Acidland (1968)
Stu Mitchell - A town called LSD

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Konrad Useo said...

What a classic mix. Great to see it again!