Saturday, March 24, 2012

Solid Steel - March 23.

Solid Steel in association with Serato (23rd March).

Coldcut hit us with a killer mix, dropping in with Dizzie Rascal over Jellybass, the Prodigy remix for Method Man and classic James Brown. It turns nasty with Opiuo and onto Cat Stevens seminal electro track 'Was Dog A Doughnut', before dipping into the Solid Steel vaults with Depth Charge, Tackhead and DJ Food. Tipper, Arp 101 and gems from Gwen McCrae, Lee Arab and Jeff Wayne close hour 1.

Letherette provide this week's guest mix and the Wolverhampton duo lay down an excellent mix with music from Prince, Zapp, Warp artists Autechre and LFO, recent tracks from Actress and a selection of their own quality productions.

Coldcut return with a full rinse out of the 'Conversation' riddim with artists Tyrone Downie, Slim Smith, Shorty the President and Judge Dread all representing.


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