Monday, January 2, 2012

This World Renounced/Reactivated/Megatrip Ebay Store/Ham the Chimp tee/Help a Brother Out.

so the New Year is here... time to renew the "Megatrip Minimization Plan"... I've reactivated "THIS WORLD RENOUNCED!".  The Ebay store has got some stuff I'm looking to part with... this is just the initial round of an infinite amount of material items!

keep an eye on TWR for more updates... but the plan is to start listing cd's, comics, art, books and t-shirts... follow the madness as I throw my issues out to you all... why would I do that?  that way when I fail, it stings all the more!

above - my beloved Ham The Chimp tee... love this shirt, but it's too big - so it's got to go.  if you're an XL, grab this shit up!

mega what?!
purchase a King Megatrip "Cocaine Barbecue" t-shirt!

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