Thursday, December 8, 2011

Make it a Megatrip Xmas.

hey guys -- if anyone's still looking for some x-mas gifts for your friend's - keep the King in mind.  pick up a Megatrip tee - you can't go wrong.

* King Megatrip "Cocaine BBQ" tees, available at ebay... running low on this final print run.  only one Medium left and only a half dozen XL's... move.

* King Megatrip "Soul Society" tees, also available at ebay.

* everyone knows about our Megatrip designs over at Redbubble.  super high quality wearz - you'll dig 'em.

* and now proudly announcing our Spreadshirt store!  I've been uploading our redbubble designs over here as a cheaper, more affordable alternative to the prices over at redbubble.  these are printed on comfortable tees - they're just not American Apparel like over at Redbubble.  nice prices.  go on.

and as always, thanks for all the support.  - MK.


mega what?!
head on over to my ebay store and help me minimize my life!

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