Sunday, September 25, 2011

what I've been reading lately...!

Grant Morrision comes through in a big way on Action Comics #1!

Animal Man #1 - another one of the few great new 52 from DC! Jeff Lemire.

mediocre Batman -- but I dig the character of Damian - so I'll keep on for now.

on and on with Cap. awesome art from Chris Samnee here.

Just buying this because... ummm why? I forget.


love the Lemire written stuff from DC. the character of Frankenstein teams up with the Creature Commandos and SHADE to form their own BPRD of the DC Universe.

was ok -- going to play "wait and see" on the Johns/Lee Justice League.

oh yeah! Man-Gull from Rian Miller -- head on over to Stockpile Comics to get your own! "Strong enough to rip a man's arms off... Smart enough to use them." ha ha!

great work from Bendis and Maleev -- but $3.99 for what doesn't even seem like enough pages -- what the fuck?

still following the Bendis Avenger teams after all this time...

Warren Ellis' first issue of Secret Avengers... best one of the entire series as far as I'm concerned... or at least the best in a long while.

haven't made my mind up on this one completely yet. I'll try another couple issues to see where it's going.

another gem of the 52! Scott Snyder writes and Yanick Paquette draws his ass off!! nice.

I usually will skip any sort of Wolverine books -- but an entire issue drawn by David Aja!! more more! better than I could say it - a portion of CBR's review of the book:

"Do you want 34 pages of stunning David Aja artwork over a solid David Lapham script with no ads for only $3.99? Are you down with Japanese WWII robots making with guns and bombs and general mayhem? Do you like a done-in-one tale that’s satisfying and standalone and easy to share with others? I’m pretty sure you all said yes, so this comic is most certainly for you."

Uncanny X-Force by Rick Remender and his rotating art all-stars -- still one of my very favorite monthly books. Can Jerome Opena draw or what?! gorgeous.


mega what?!
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