Monday, August 15, 2011

Jimbalaya's Smooth Celloriminal.

look what my pal, The Jimbalaya has just cooked up -- a little mashup of MJ and the Smooth Criminal track from 2Cello that we posted here at Megatrip Central a while back -- pretty awesome.

Smooth Celloriminal by Jimbalaya

Jimbalaya: I do a lot of audio editing for Artistic Dance Conservatory - everything from quick edits to detailed mashups – and this last project was a lot of fun. They wanted Michael Jackson‘s Smooth Criminal mashed up with 2Cellos‘ version of the same song, and it had to be a minute long.

One minute isn’t a whole lot of time to work with… It took a lot of work to edit the mashup down into what was needed for the choreography, without missing out on the song itself. I ended up also using an a capella copy of Smooth Criminal alongside the 2Cellos music – it was a lot of fun.

Since I was enjoying the mix so much, I decided to continue working on it after submitting the copy that was requested… I ended up with this two and a half minute mashup: Smooth Celloriminal.

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