Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Downtown Affair - Andy Noble, Mike McGill & Tackleberry

A Downtown Affair - Andy Noble, Mike McGill & Tackleberry

Part 1: Andy Noble

Phillip Wright “Keep Her Happy” (Dash)
Frazelle “Today Is The Day” (Chocolate Cholly’s)
Ike Noble “Another Star” (Connowil Records)
Mixed Generation Enterprise “Take To the Sky.” (Blast Off Records)
Clifton Dyson “I’m Giving Up” (Q.S. Records)
Jerry Blackshear “Defected” (Eral)
The Brothers “I Feel A Song” (Bantu)
P.J. City “Straight Forward” (Rise)
Bob Williams “I’m Alright (Part One)” (Nad-Lyn)
Manujothi “Shake Your Body” (Manujothi Records)
Cosmos Universal Band “Third Eye” (API)
The Honey-B’s “What Love Can Do” (B’s Wax)
Age In Harmony “You’re A Melody” (Moratones)
General Lee “Pleasure” (Lost Weekend)
Hard Drivers feat. Vivien Lee “Since I Was A Little Girl” (Pause)

Part 2: Mike McGill & Tackleberry

Greg Perry “One For The Road” (Casablanca)
The Shock “Footsteps Across Your Mind” (Sirocco)
Tony Aiken & Future 2000 “She Loves Me” (Kimsha)
Brief Encounter “Just One Moment” (Jazzman)
Tavares “Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel (Part 1)” (Capitol)
Ripple “Be My Friend” (GRC)
Starpoint “Last Night” (Chocolate City)
The Laventille Movement “Party People” (East Dry River Records)
Lisa Hill “I’m On The Real Side” (Q-iT Records)
Jaymz Bedford “Happy Music” (Gold Mink Records)
Conway & Temple “Love Lights (You Can Lay Your Head On My Shoulder)” (Old Town)
Chemise “She Can’t Love You” (Emergency)
Gladys Knight & The Pips “When You’re Far Away” (Columbia)
The Circle City Band “Magic” (Circle City Records)
Al McCall “Lock It Up” (Profile)
Magnum Force “Girl You’re Too Cool” (Kelli-Arts)
Curtis Mayfield “Tell Me, Tell Me IHow Ya Like To Be Loved)” (RSO)
Wilton Felder “Let’s Dance Together” (ABC)
Garfield Flemming “Don’t Send Me Away” (Beckett)

mega what?!
something to listen to? King Megatrip mixtapes.

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