Saturday, July 24, 2010

Meatskull presents Another Angle Vol.60

another Another Angle mix from Meatskull. if you follow Meatskull's own blog - you'll see he does the internet a tremendous service - bringing you great mixes to listen to... constantly! there is a bit of overlap between this blog and his -- but hell, it's only because his quality standards are almost as high as your King's!

anyways - here's volume 60(!!) of his ongoing weekly selections -- this is a fantastic downtempo-y journey... nice late night stuff. go already, your ipod is waiting!

Meatskull presents Another Angle Vol.60

Healing Process – Naono
Dernier Amour (Ripperton Remix) – Van Hai
Marks – Nicholas Jaar
+5 vs Werewolves – Vorpal
Hypnotizing Eyes – Keith & Tex
Deep Shadows – Little Anne
Physical Motion – Jimmy Edgar
Fall In Love Again – Take
Coconut Rice – Yagya
Freerotation – Reagenz
Hell Is Round The Corner – Tricky
Funk Dreams – Wavelength
Squall (Clay Moon remix) – Azeda Booth
Beacon (Mount Kimbie Remix) – LV & Untold
Outer Space – John Grant
Will You – Fjordne
From The Ground – Heather Woods Broderick
Haglaskot – Valgier Sigurosson
Lines – Anna Chase
Four Flip – Cascandy

what's the mix all about? well Meatskull says it better than I ever could:

"Trip into the darkness with Another Angle’s weekly selection designed for after hours pleasure. Beats, ambience, dubstep, woozy house, fractured folk, real rocksteady, moody soul, treated piano, hypnotic dub, it’s all here for the taking. I trust you’ll enjoy this new session – post it on your wall or on your fave networking spot and show you care! All the best. – Meatskull"

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