Sunday, April 18, 2010

update: Megatrip.

so, what's going on here at Megatrip Central?

well my computer is fucked -- some virus shit has crippled the sound drivers or something (hey, high tech stuff is NOT my forte - this blog is like science fiction to me!). so, I can surf the web, read articles, sell my King Megatrip t-shirts, update the blog, run my ebay shit - but I can't listen to any music, podcasts or make any new mixes... boo!

I'm hoping to either get this pc fixed or completely wiped in the next couple of weeks... there will be 12 Soul Society mixtapes this year - but it looks like the april one won't be in time for april. so, expect two Soul Society outings come May.

stay tuned, but for now - that is all.

mega what?!
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Anonymous said...

weird - my laptop got nailed by something a couple of weeks ago and am finally just cleaning it all up. I followed the directions at and some guy from Dublin's been helping out. Definitely would never have resolved this on my onw.

bong said...

allo mate.. bmbx will host both of your May mixes.. we can't have this series going out of sync

good luck with getting your comp sorted